Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Kind" people sometimes ask me if my hair is naturally curly. It is naturally whirly. Or frizzy. Or just plain unruly, depending upon it's mood on any given day. I used to wear it very long in order to be able to tie it down in a ponytail, or snarl it up in a knot to keep it from scaring small children. But with aging and white hair comes a whole new set of hair craziness. I keep it pretty short these days, and my short hair is totally unpredictable. I never know what to expect when I get up in the morning. It may decide to lay poker straight and flat against my head, save a few boing-y strands for flair; or it may stand out as if I'd just licked the electrical outlet. Then again, it might wad itself up in tight kinks that would take a hot steam iron to unfurl. Ya' just never know. The problem is that my hair just gets bigger as it grows, until it reaches sufficient length to give it enough weight to cause it to lie down like normal hair.

Lately, I've been sporting a do that resembles a Frizzy Polish Bantam rooster (go to for some pretty funny chicken pictures and see what I mean).

I've started a project for our quilting guild's Paint Chip Challenge. We were each given a set of color chips from the paint store, and must use them in a quilt. What fun! The whole idea is to cause us to think outside our usual palette. The colors I got were calm, neutrals for the most part. We're allowed to add to the mix (Good thing. Cream, beige and brown -- or, Chalk Garden, Bianco and Spanish Brown -- as they are called on the paint chips, would be a little low key. Hey! I just realized they're nearly the colors I've used in my office. Nothing exciting in here, either.)

I've got a plan for my colors. I'm having fun with it. I just hope I don't manage to lose the paint chips before we have our group display at our quilt show in September. We're supposed to display them with the quilts to show that we've used the colors as given out. I was going to include some photos, but the battery in my camera is dead. I'll charge it up and post photos tomorrow.

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