Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Who DAT?

Carol's quilt -- mostly Stitch-In-The-Ditch, but encircled with feathers. The outside border is filled with a curvy feather design, as well.

* * *
Saturday evening when I returned home from fetching grandkids, DH informed me we had an unexpected lamb. It's not that big of a surprise. The momma ewe is an oddball in the flock who always waits till summer to have her babies. We just hadn't paid a lot of attention to the flock because they're out on pasture, and with a brief glance at feeding time it has looked like everyone's okay.

The lamb was a husky fellow, and is doing very well out with the big guys, sez DH. But because I have to have something to fret about at all times, I decided to check up on him -- just in case. So first thing in the morning, I trekked up to have a peek. Well, now ... to me that lamb I see looks awfully wobbly for a day-old baby. It looks more like it was just born. I turned aside for a few minutes and came back to have a closer look. Then there were TWO wet and wobbly ones. Another ewe had just had twins. The momma is last year's bottle lamb, and I had no idea she was expecting.

We had a terrible thunderstorm last night complete with torrents of rain. (So that explains it! You know they always lamb in the worst weather.) I even thought about trying to go out in the dark and fetch them back to the barn, but realized it would be a mistake to attempt it. I tossed and turned all night, hoping they'd be okay. This morning the lambs look a little stunned but none the worse for wear.

(all of the above was written and put on hold for a week, waiting for me to get a photo or two of the lambs ... the following is from today)

Just now, I counted heads in the sheep pasture and snapped this on the run. That's why it's so blurry.

Hey! WhoDAT?!?

... and another one say'd, "Who DAT say whodat?"

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