Thursday, July 14, 2011

Did I even SAY that ... ?

I think I may have told someone, or posted, that we seldom get more than one summer lamb in any given year. Well, if you think you hear a chomping noise, it's just me. Eating my words. Today, we had numbers 10 and 11.

I knew something was fishy (or should I say, "lamb-y"?) this morning when I went out for chores. While everyone else was budging their way to the feeders for grain, one ewe lingered way down at the bottom of the pasture where the other mommies had given birth. She was blatting a lot, so I went down and checked around to see if she had a weak lamb waiting for help. Nope.

I had to go to the dentist to see about fixing some broken teeth. (Yes. Again!) When I got home, DH told me there's a new lamb in the barn, the momma being the old gal who cannot feed her own babies and expects me to bottle feed them for her. So I went to do my duty. Well ... there were two I hadn't seen before. I had to stand back and observe for quite a while to figure out that the ewe who was blatting in the morning was the mother of one of them. But that still leaves me with a bottle lamb to take care of. Realize this means round-the-clock feedings, just as if it were human baby. I'M TOO OLD FOR THIS!

I daresn't complain, though, because DH keeps telling me to get rid of the momma. But I can't stand the thought of sending her to her demise just because she's too old to manage everything on her own. (Maybe I'm afraid that what goes around, comes around. Or else I'm just an idiot.)

I've told my son that when I get that old, he should just shoot me and bury me in the compost heap. Nobody will be any the wiser. He thinks he has a better plan: he'll tether me in the garden and build a tall fence around it. He'll leave me a bowl of water, so I can stay out there all day. (Come to think of it, he didn't say who'd fetch me in at night, though. Hmmm ...)

As far as the trip to the dentist? I don't wanna talk about it. It's a never-ending battle with me because I grind my teeth in my sleep. Do you think I have a little stress in my life? Or what?

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  1. I'll come fetch you at night... ;)