Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Camer died. No photos for a while ...

I know it’s absolutely nutty, but when I’m overwhelmed with work and responsibilities, I start thinking of something to start knitting. I actually did come up with a project that I think I’m going to enjoy, but not before spending precious time perusing numerous knitting magazines and visiting a bunch of blogs and websites for ideas. In a sort of twisted logic, my brain (totally independent of the rest of me, mind you) thinks that if I’m so busy, I must need more things to do so I can maximize the opportunity to multi-task. If you understand all that, I feel sorry for you.

One thing I keep seeing over and over is wrist warmers. I’ve seen some pretty spiffy designs, but cannot convince myself it would be worth it to me to make fingerless gloves. After all, it’s the fingers that go numb from the cold while I’m doing winter chores. I cannot recall a time when I wished just my wrists had an extra layer of protective covering. Sleeves work pretty well for me on that front.

Last year, I had a pair of wool mittens that had a flip-top, under which was a sort of glove-with-amputated-fingertips. Only half fingers, I guess. I loved them, and thought they were just the ticket. The only problem I had with them is that the flip-top part had a piece of Velcro fastener to keep the flip-top securely flipped. Worked slick for that. But when the flip-top was not flipped back, I would often scratch my face by brushing hair out of my eyes – because the Velcro spot is like having a mini wire brush on the back of the hand. I finally resorted to sticking a tuft of wool from one of the sheep onto the scratchy spot. Looked stupid, but worked.

(Things that cannot be fixed with duct tape or a wad of wool should always be viewed with suspicion – as potential soul-suckers.)

Here’s another thing that makes no sense to me: hiring a pink stretch limousine to haul your daughter’s lazy butt, and those of some of her friends, to go see the Premiere of the last Harry Potter movie. Does anyone else think that’s a bit much? Or is it just me?

Last night, we had the briefest storm that produced just enough rain to raise the humidity level from unbearable to parboil. Land sakes, I'm hot! I cannot imaging how anybody survives the kind of temperatures they're suffering out West.

I went out to feed my bottle lamb in the wee hours of the morning, out the kitchen door rather than the front door, so I wouldn't disturb the dog who was sleeping soundly after an evening of sheep rustling with me. We had to bring an older ewe home from distant pasture so we can keep a close eye on her. Her lambs are kind of wild, and were a problem to catch up with. If I don't register a weight loss when I step on the scale after all that running up and down the hill in the heat, I'll sue. Anyway ... as I passed the cellar door that I had left open, out scrambled a skunk. I haven't yet gone to see if he left his calling card while he was in there. Oh, please ...

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