Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nothing makes sense ...

Seriously. There's much going on in this world that doesn't make sense, so this probably shouldn't surprise me. But it does. I've been perusing my seed catalogs whenever I get a few minutes, and noticed something odd. BTW: I'm thrilled that the companies have started sending catalogs early. (Oh! Something that DOES make sense to me ... send catalogs early enough to allow people like me time to actually purchase seeds to start indoors on schedule!) Anyway, I spend a lot of time reading seed catalogs. Yeah ... I know ... spellbinding! (If you're thinking of making fun of me for it, you've been beaten to the punch.) So ... tell me this: why does the Vermont Bean Seed Company have a Wisconsin address? A mystery, for sure.

Uh-oh ... I smell raisins. That can't be good ...


  1. I think the correct word is "riveting." ;)

  2. My seeds arrived a week or two ago. I'm still getting catalogs, though.Seedsaver's Exchange arrived yesterday. That is a very riveting catalog!