Friday, December 31, 2010

I always wondered about that ...

When my boys were in high school, I had to “send away” for shoes for the oldest one. (There was no “online” back then … it was all done by snail mail.) The regular shoe stores and department stores didn’t carry shoe sizes larger than 12, or 13 at the most. He was a very big boy -- 6’4” with feet to match. When he started wearing size 14, it was an ordeal to get anything that fit.

Yesterday I got a catalog in the mail that reminded me of all that. It was for ladies’ undergarments. They sell bra sizes 32 to 58 with cup sizes A to N. That’s not a typo. It says N. I always wondered what anyone who is larger than a double-D or E did, seeing as how that’s the largest I’ve ever seen in a store … and now I know! Tell me I’m not the only one who ever wondered where people get clothing for sizes like that! I imagined that those ladies had to construct their own, hand-sewn delicates and figured it must have been a real nuisance. That could seriously cut into a person’s quilting time.

In this picture, doesn't it look like she's whispering secrets? Maybe she's telling her friend where to get a bra big enough?

Big fishies swimming in and out of the "windows" in this quilt ... it's a very large print, and very colorful! For someone special in Janet L's family.

And this was the last customer quilt that had to be done before Xmas. It got in just under the wire. It came in late Tuesday night and went out Friday morning. Whew! Shannon said she'd stay up as long "as it takes" to have it ready to give to her grandmother Saturday morning. I hope she met her goal.

(Not sure why the text in this post is landing in such an odd position in the "preview" mode ... can't wait to see what it turns out when I actually hit the "publish" button.)

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