Monday, June 14, 2010

They remember ...

June 14, 1990. Startling to see that date and realize 20 years have passed. Saw some comments on FB that show me his friends remember him kindly, and that is somehow very important to me. (Today marks 20 years since Lenny died after a car accident. Nope. It doesn't get easier, just older.) My friend came and shared the morning with me ... she knows ... and shows it in the little things that make a difference. So thanks to ALL who remember, even if you don't mention it to me.

Here's part of a T-shirt quilt that was made in memory of someone else's son. It came through the studio last week.

On a happier note -- this picture was taken almost a week ago:

Now, that may not be a thrill-a-minute to YOU, but it generates a lot of excitement around here! It's a pepper making fruit. In early June! Unheard of in my garden. And yes, rocks abound. When we first moved here and I saw all those rocks, I wondered how on Earth anybody was supposed to make a garden around here. We had previously lived along the sandy sea shore, where a rock that size would've been considered a boulder. My Dad told me to be thankful for them. Said the rocks would provide much-needed minerals and would help hold moisture during dry spells. At the time I thought he'd either lost his mind, telling me to be thankful for what seemed like huge rocks -- or else he was going overboard in trying to encourage me in my beginning gardener efforts. Turns out he was right.

That reminds me of something else. I started a little notebook to collect the little tidbits of wisdom in the form of folksy sayings, like: "Big snow, little snow; Little snow, big snow." Translation: if the snowflakes are large, the snowfall won't amount to much. If the flakes are tiny, you can count on deep snowfall. Again, it turns out to be pretty much true. Watch and see for yourself when winter comes.

A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study. ~ Chinese Proverb

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