Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Last night I was finishing up some work at the computer, and heard a noise coming from the kitchen. There's a litter of kittens that sorta lives outside by the kitchen doorstep, and they've reached that playful stage ... when they're so cute you could almost say "Yes" to keeping one of them. I suspected one had somehow managed to get inside the door without being noticed while I was zipping in and out to'ing-and-fro'ing from the garden and back. I figured it was now trying to find a way out, and that I'd better help it or I'd soon have something to step in on the floor.

Imagine expecting to find a cute little kitty bumping around, and discovering instead a big ol' BAT flitting around, banging into things trying to get out. How does one remove a bat?!? Especially when every time you think you've got it cornered, it whooshes past your head, barely missing your ear! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! I finally resorted to turning out all the lights inside, and turning ON the porch light. The hope was that it would see the moths flying near the light and go out for dinner. Either this guy was on his learner's permit, or he was so old he should've had his license taken away, because he actually bumped into me. Oh ... the horror of it all. There's-n0-such-thing-as-vampires ... there's no such thing ... Why wasn't he using his sonar-motion-detector device, or whatever it is they have to navigate in the dark?!?

It took a while (and I nearly passed out from holding my breath so much because it seemed like every time I took a breath that creature zoomed in at full speed toward me), but eventually the plan worked. Whew. Let's hope there's not a repeat performance any time soon. Maybe I need to invest in that spray foam people use to seal up cracks? I know two ladies who swear by the stuff. They use it in epic proportions. But that's another story ...

So here's a photo of the quilt I've been working fast and furiously on this week (double-click on photos to enlarge):

It's the quilt that will be raffled at the July 4th celebration to raise money for the local fire department this year. An absolute TON of work has gone into it -- these blocks are all hand embroidered by local ladies. I'm not that talented -- I just do the quilting and binding.


They do one every year, each one prettier than the last. It's just a shame they don't do it earlier in the year so more tickets could be sold, and therefore more money raised. If anybody wants a ticket, let me know (judenow@epix.net) before the 4th and I'll pick one up for you. I'm guessing chances are better than average that you'll win on this one!


From the LOST & FOUND DEPT ... this tool organizer was left at the studio recently. I can't remember who showed it to me, but it's still here. If it's yours, let me know and I'll get it back to you

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