Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm such a slackard.

Joann (on the left) made this :

(double-click to enlarge photo) It required an awful number of those little triangle pieces, and she thought the quilting part would never end. But it was all SO worth it (I wish you could see the huge smile on her face in this photo; can ANYbody tell me why my photos are coming out so dark again?!?).

Cathy thought it unfair that Joann got to leave before her. Said she (C) politely stayed until she (J) was finished. She (J) pointed out that although that was true, she (C) wasn't here when she (J) started. So it all balanced out. Huh? Anyway ... Cathy got hers done, too ...

These gals don't mess around ... them's BIG quilts.

Cathy puts more quilt tops together BY HAND (!) than I do by machine. And that's just when she's not rehearsing for the next in an unending string of shows she's in at the theater. Oh ... and did I mention she often designs her own patterns? Tsk ... such an underachiever.

And what do I have to show for MY day? You're looking at it:

Yep! That's right ... nuthin' honey. I spent the whole day blabbing the ears off these two poor gals. They were fun, and funny to have around. Feeling the weight of guilt for having accomplished naught, I ended the day by pulling a half-bucket of weeds from the flower bed. But the heat was oppressive, so I gave it up as a lost cause. I figured I would only be showing the deer where they missed something. Whoever said hosta are deer resistant? I have nothing but stubble left. Bah ... let 'em have the pansies, too, if they can find them amongst the weeds.

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