Monday, June 7, 2010

A finger in the dike ...

I managed to poke a hole in my hand on barbed wire Friday, and punctured a vein. Whoa! The spurting blood made me queasy for a few seconds, until I realized I could stop the flow by pressing with my thumb. Like the kid with his finger in the dike to stop the leak. When I got back to the house, I wrapped it tightly to enable me to drive to the doctor for a tetanus shot and a stitch or two. Turns out, the stitches were unnecessary. Seems veins have a miraculous way of healing themselves, and all I need do is keep it from getting infected until that happens. Sounds a little like the vet's idea of keeping the bull away from the cow, to me (see post on June 3) . We'll see how this plays out.

The antibiotics they gave me were the worst part -- made me sick to my stomach -- the hand doesn't hurt, nor did the shot in the arm bother me like I was told to expect it would.

Here's what Terri and Penny managed to do on Sunday:

Terri, getting friendly with free-handing ...

... and Penny, comfy working with just one hand ...

Terri's quilt is vibrant from the front, and looks very cool from the back, too!

Penny found a pattern that she really liked and was able to complete this beauty before she left!

Who knew there was a tornado watch in effect?!? Not us! We were oblivious.

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  1. Those quilts look amazing!! I'm afraid to ask how long they took..... ;)
    At least you didn't get hit by a tornado in your obliviousness :) It was windy here with some scattered leaves/branches -- nothing major.