Tuesday, January 22, 2013

And the beat goes on ...

Remember the old Sonny and Cher song?
"grandmaws sit in chairs, and grandmaws knit ..."

This is said chair in which I sit, with what will be a hat to match a scarf for one of the grands. I sent the others on before I thought to take a picture. Wool. Warm. On another blog I read, there were directions for a Dr. Who scarf. As the oldest grand is a big fan, I thought it would be a great idea to make one for him. The 12 feet of garter stitch was daunting enough, but when I went on a search for the required yarn, I caved. The cost of the yarn would have been high, but because no one place seems to carry all the colors I would have needed, I would have had to pay a ton of shipping charges. Plan B: purchase a ready-made. The kid was tickled. All is good.

Quilters seem to have a universal desire to use up their scraps lately. Gail did this, and quilted it on Monday:

Did you notice the prairie points she used to further eliminate scraps from her stash?
Here's a close-up of a block:

... and here's how it looks on the back:

Pretty cool, eh? And she's a newcomer to the longarm -- it's her first attempt at freehanding. After this one, she is pretty comfortable with the machine, and is already planning her next one. She already makes a slew of quilts -- I cannot imagine what she'll get done now.

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  1. It's true...SCRAPS are certainly the going style these days. :) Lovely quilt by Gail.