Tuesday, November 27, 2012

On opening day ...

Monday was opening day of rifle deer hunting season here in NE PA. I was busy quilting, but thought it was odd that there were no shots fired nearby. Usually I am startled half out of my skin several times when hunters fire a round not far away out in our woods. I glanced out the window, and here's who I saw:
Actually, there were four of them just outside the window most of the day, and nary a hunter to be seen.

Speaking of being scared out of skin, I just saw the funniest thing on TV. It was a prank being pulled on people in an elevator, one or two at a time. The elevator would stop, the lights went out, and when they came back on, a ghoulish little girl who looked like something from a horror movie was standing there (she entered thru a secret door while the lights were out). When the people in the elevator turned and saw her standing there, they screamed like crazy. Oh my ... it was soooo funny. I don't know about you, but if I were in an elevator that stopped and the lights went out, they wouldn't need to sneak a little ghoul in to make me scream my brains out!

I've been noticing a few trends in the quilting thing lately ...

No ... these are NOT my quilts. I just quilted them. But there's definitely a pink-and-green phase blowing through the area.

Another trend is toward the "pouffy" -- here's Carla's -- you might see the pouf better if you click to enlarge the photo:

Val was here last week and did a ginormous quilt with three (yes, THREE) layers of wool batting. Talk about pouf! She's coming back tomorrow to do another just like it. I will get a photo while she's here this time. Wait for it ...

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