Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I guess I'm just special ...

Mike Huckabee, Pat Boone, the governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer (and why don't we call her "the Governess"?), Mrs. Tom Smith and then their daughter -- was it Kim? -- oh, there've been so many calls I can't remember. I'm really sorry I missed the call from Paul Ryan -- I really wanted to chat with him. He didn't leave a callback number. Maybe he'll call again another day?

The antics the politicians go thru amuses me. If only they'd spend as much time and energy solving problems as they do campaigning for office! One thing I noticed is that Mr. Romney never looks tired, which amazes me. Have you seen the TV clips of the Obamas running to the microphone for their appearances? Are they trying to show that they have as much energy as Mitt? Michelle even looks like she's tearing toward the finish line in one of them. Gotta wonder what kind of vacation they're going to take after the election to recoup! Golfing in Hawaii, perhaps?

Melanie (Holly's friend) came back Sunday to quilt. It's her first, and no small task. It was 112 inches by ___??? (some big number) -- all batiks, including the backing. At random, she chose an all-over leafy design which turned out to be beginner's luck: turns out the pattern is quick to stitch out, so even though it was a very large quilt, she was finished and on her way by about 3:00. If you know Melanie's daughter, DON'T tell her you saw this here: it's going to be a surprise gift for her.

And now M is working on another surprise quilt for her son. Heh-heh ... she's hooked. Blame it on Holly.

Can you see the sinister grin on her face? Or is it just me?

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