Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Is this what's it's like?

Another trip to the dentist today. I should have realized right off the bat this morning that things would not be all peaches and cream today. First off, I got up a little late. Not terribly late, just enough to make me worry that if anything else went wrong, I would be late for my appointment. I hate to be late for anything, EVEN an appointment with the dentist. (Although, in my dream world, I would be a lifetime late -- as in: never go!) So with one eye on the clock, I zoomed around and got things in order so I could leave the house for a while. That's no small task around here, considering the number of faces to be fed, buckets of water to slosh to thirsty critters, fires to be tended, and lists to be made for multi-tasking any trip to town.

I wanted to snap a photo of a quilt that was going into the mail en route, but of course the camera battery was dead. It takes hours to recharge it. Plan B: I pulled out the old camera, put fresh batteries in it, hoping against hope that it would come to life. Realize that the only reason I have the newer camera is because the old one quit and refused all of my attempts of resuscitation. Why do I still have it, you ask? Because I have photos trapped inside, and still think SOMEbody is going to be able to get them out of there for me. But I digress.

I threw everything I needed for multi-tasking errands into the car, grabbed a cup of coffee to go, and decided I'd have to hit the post office after the dentist, because as it was I'd barely make it on time.

I thought it was to be a simple visit with Dr. L  -- pop off the temporary crown and replace it with the permanent one. That's how it went last time. I should've known better. When the temp was off and the gal tried the permanent one for fit, I got that same sensation one gets by chewing on aluminum foil with an amalgam filling. If you've EVER done that, you'll know exactly what I mean. It's not the kind of thing one forgets. Ever.

The thing just didn't sit right. So there would be some "adjustment" needed. Read: drilling. And numbing, involving needles. Oh, rats! And shoot! While we're here, why don't we just jam needles all over the place and do some other prep work needed for the next round of torture?!? Says She!

Dr. L (being the wise young man that he is) explained that it is best not to overwhelm me by doing too much in one trip. He left the room to do something else while we waited for my mouth to get numb. While he was out, She suggested we could just numb the top, and do the bottom without numbing it first.

HAH! Not on your life, Crazyhead! Do you know how hard it is to peel me off the ceiling once I fly up there?!? I mulled it over for a bit and said I'd be willing to deal with it, if they had the nerves of steel it would require to keep me there long enough to pull it off. Dr. L said we'd do half today and I could come back next week for the rest. (Oh, please ... may I? I do SO look forward to our little visits.)

So he finished up and got away from me. She suggested I should go over to the sink and wash my face to get the residue of goop from making impressions off. Seems things get a little messy when I'm around. I did as I was told, and when I looked in the mirror, thought it looked like I had just received some collagen injections, and some Botox. If getting those shots is anything like getting Novacaine, I'll die looking like an applehead doll before I'll subject myself to that just to get rid of wrinkles! Bad enough to have to go thru it to have teeth in my head in order to eat!

Oh, and the gal suggested I could just slip out the back door. IF I wanted to. I entertained the thought of parading back through the waiting room just to scare the other patients. But I didn't. I actually like the people at this office -- they're incredibly patient with me.


  1. Jude -- you make me want to laugh - but I'm thinking it hurt WAY too much for me to laugh at you.... gosh -- anyway -- thanks for the smile and I look forward to the next time that Michele and I can visit with you -- no drugs - no shots - just plain ole one on one visiting with and without laughs... Thanks for being YOU.


  2. That sounds just lovely... I am glad I didn't toot my horn, like I was going to. I thought better of it. Of course this was before your encounter. They must really like you over there. All of your visits with them... JK!