Friday, February 24, 2012

Oh, my.

Some people are soooooo annoying. And some are sooooo nice. Then there are those whom I find to be soooo amusing.
I volunteer to do a newsletter for a group I belong to, and of the approximately 120 recipients, there have been a few cranky people who've found it necessary to pitch a fit at me because something is not to their liking. The most recent e'd me her complaint in BOLD CAPS with multiple exclamation points!!!!, After I responded with my explanation hoping to help her see why I do what I do, she returned a message telling me I am inconsiderate and rude. So annoying. I'll refrain from showing her what I consider inconsiderate and rude.

We have a new batch of snow this morning -- about three-and-a-half inches. Heavy, wet snow. I grabbed a cup of coffee and tried to decide what I should do about that. Shovel? Probably. Put my boots on and trudge up to the studio to finish a quilt I need to send out today? That would be the most likely scenario, seeing as how my car won't go uphill for beans in snow. I looked out the window, and what do I see? A fellow we know had already come and plowed my driveways and cleared a path to the mailbox for me. He's been doing that for us ever since our oldest son died several years ago. He says he promised Andy he'd "take care of Pops" -- and apparently he intends to keep that promise. So nice.

I've been e-mailing back and forth with my DIL, trying to coordinate a plan for the grandkids this summer to go to camp. It occurred to me that even the "baby" is old enough to attend this year, so I asked Mommie if we could include her. The little gal in question, when asked what she thought, said, she'd REEEEALLLLY like to go. She told Mommie that all she gets to do is find lollipops in the hay when she comes along to pick up her sibs at horse-riding camp. Doesn't that sound pathetic?!? Poor thing! (Why do I find that soooo amusing? Probably because I can just picture her face when she says it. This kid just cracks us up by the things she comes up with, and the way she says them.)

In the barn: same scene, same "sweaters," different year, different lambs.

I am proud of myself for being able to manage two bottles with one hand so I could snap a photo with the other.

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