Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I demand a recount!

A few months ago, I gave a friend my dietary "plan for action." He called yesterday and said he's lost 20 pounds. Well, good for him. But I just want to know why I didn't lose a stinking pound?!? I demand a recount! I guess I'd better start keeping better track of what I'm actually DOING, as opposed to what I say I'm GOING TO do.

Look at this picture and see if you can guess where I went last week:

Yep! Salt Lake City. For a quilting retreat. Long story; but here's the thing: the very minute I clicked the button on my computer to book my flight, I realized that SLC is in VERY close proximity to some serious mountains, and that I could get snowed in. What was I thinking?!? As it turned out, though, the weather was similar to what we're having here in the Northeast: warmish days and cool nights. Perfect! The day after I got home, they had a big snow storm out that way. Denver (I passed thru the airport there) was hit pretty hard. Whew! Close call.

At the retreat, we did nothing but quilt and eat. And eat. And eat some more. (See first paragraph.) I made a few new friends, was surprised to see someone there from NH that I'd met before, and learned a lot of fun new stuff. One gal there showed up each day in the most interesting outfits. They were so unique, I thought must be she designed her own clothes. But she say Nay, Nay! Wonder where she shops? I never see clothes like that where I do.

My head is bursting with ideas for more quilts (as if I need to add any more to my list that would already require I live to be 939 to accomplish!) I'll share photos when/if they ever come to fruition.

Here's what's going on down at the farm:

N'ewe: (see last post)


N'ewe-st (isn't she cute?!?):
Now I'm outta names. After 35 years of this, it gets harder and harder to come up with names that haven't been used already. 

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  1. I like the names N'ewe, N'ewe-r and N'ewe-st... But, I guess those wouldn't be long lasting since they would no longer be n'ewe anything once the rest of your sheepies arrive.