Friday, September 2, 2011

What shall I do with this mess?!?

HE wants steak and french fries for dinner. Tsk!

What is not apparent by the photo is that this is a LARGE amount of food. That bucket of yellow beans is about 10x12x8 inches deep, and overflowing. And this is just today's load. We seem to be blessed with an abundance, in spite a year of set-backs due to illness and weather that has gone haywire.

The geese got their fill of tomatoes spoiled by slugs and the nasty pears that dropped to the ground. The cows will get the over-grown squash and cukes. They line up and wait outside the garden fence to see what the day's harvest will provide for them. I swear I can't turn my back on the cukes or squash. Seemingly overnight they go from eyeball size to boats and flying saucers.

I've got a mess of pickles ready to process. Gotta get that done before it gets too late. You know what they say ... make pickles while the sun shines! (or was that hay?) Anyway, gotta do it.

And where, may I ask, did everybody go? I seem to remember someone saying that she'd come harvest the garden if I'd grow it. Another wanted to come do the canning with me. And there were a number of "followers" on this blog. They've all disappeared! Don't tell me I missed The Rapture!

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