Thursday, June 2, 2011

An Unmitigated Rant.

(you know where the delete button is, should you feel the need to use it)

Did I see an ad recently that read, "Nothing Runs Like A Deere." ?!?

For the second day in a row, and only about the fourth time in a month, it isn’t raining. And where am I spending the time? Out tending to my yard? Working in the garden? Or at least enjoying a day of sunshine? Nope. I’m busy trying to resolve a problem. Story of my life.

DH was in the middle of mowing lawn yesterday with the two-year-old ride-on mower when the axel broke. Now, he’s a pretty big guy but not a giant of a man, so let’s just get that off the list of possible causes right off the bat. And I’ve never even as much as sat upon said tractor, so my fat butt surely didn’t break it. It’s a manufacturer’s defect. Plain and simple. Only 130 hours on that machine and it’s toast.

So today, DH sent me to the “big box” store from whence he purchased it, to see if they would offer to do anything. Yep. Here’s what: I asked to speak to the manager of the department that sells mowers. Not available. So I asked to speak to someone who might be able to discuss the problem with me. They sent the store manager down the aisle. When I told her why I was there, her initial response was, “Well, did you purchase the extended warranty?”

Ummm … I’ll find out, but we’re talking about a machine that is only two years old and the AXEL BROKE! Shouldn’t that be covered under the warranty, or something?

Her answer: “I don’t know anything about mowers or tractors.”

Me: “Then why did they send you to talk to me?”
She: “Because you asked to speak to a manager.”
Me: “No, I asked to speak to the manager of this mower department, or someone who can discuss my mower problem with me.” (Can you see where this is heading?)

Long story, short: The store claims no responsibility for the crap they sell. They would gladly put me in queue for the repair service which is sent out and has a very long waiting list. (So kind, and helpful … don’t-cha think?)

I asked if they could at least provide me with contact information for customer service directly with the manufacturer. No. Not only does this manager know nothing about mowers or tractors, apparently she knows nothing about customer service, either.

I’m going out to pull some weeds. Given my current frustration level, I’d sure hate to be a weed in my yard today! (And if you're lucky, I WON'T tell you in my next post the story of what happened the day I went to this store to pick this crap of a mower up.)

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  1. I remember the mower buying story! It's a classic! Sorry to hear it turned out to be a dud. There's a dealer in Wysox, isn't there?