Friday, June 17, 2011

So much for dry socks …

If my morning is any indication of what will follow, I think I should go back to bed. Wake me when it’s over.

It rained again last night. A lot. For at least the third day in a row. When I let Tuck out, I tried my best to ignore his obvious attempt to alert me to the fact that something’s amiss. I donned my shorts and a comfy pair of socks with rubber shoes, thinking I’d stroll up to see what’s going on in the garden. It was not to be. The siren song coming from the neighbor’s front yard drew me from my intended mission.

I did my large animals a favor last night by letting them stay in the lower pasture so they could get in out of the rain by sheltering in the barn if they wanted. They repaid me by hiking off into the neighbors’ yard. Well, they’re not ALL such ingrates … it was only a cow with a calf, and the bull. Oh, dear. The cow’s a dolt; the calf is afraid of me. And the bull is afraid of the electric fence that he was now on the wrong side of. Oh, yeah … and I’m sort of afraid of the bull. He’s not actually shown any signs of aggressiveness yet, but given the odds of me being the first to discover it, well …

Turns out, it was not as big a problem as I expected, thanks to my hero, Tuck.

Hoping the bull’s as stupid as the cow, I armed myself with a long stick to scare him with, and went after him. Thankfully, Tuck knows the drill and the bull seems to know Tuck is The Boss. While I trudged behind, calling commands to the dog who could not be seen from my position downhill in wet grass up to my knees, he herded them back where they belong. All’s well that ends well.

Problem: The only pair of clean, comfy socks I had left this morning are now wringing wet. And I’m allergic to grass, so now have a serious case of hives all over my legs. Someone remind me to call for an appointment with the butcher today, will ya?

Here’s a glimpse of Sue P’s “Atlantic Flyway” quilt I’m working on. She said “have fun with it …” So I am. Heh-heh … should I tell her I’ve got one from that pattern myself, and am using her’s for practice?

Moving right along … I am trying to finish a quilt to enter into our local guild’s show. I have until September, but here on the farm, we like to say, “Make hay while the sun shines.” EXACTLY! Seems like the sun never shines any more, so it’s more like, “Try to figure out a way to get around it, because you can’t depend on things going right.” When I started this quilt several months ago, I was on a roll. Got all the pieces cut out (and there were soooo many of them). Then I read the directions, at which time I learned what I had gotten myself into. Will I never learn?!? I worked on that quilt until other things got in my way. And they were plentiful things. Like being called for jury duty, a month of battling pneumonia, a backload of work to get caught up on, etc.

Thinking there’s a lull in the calamities that fill my days, I went back to the quilt. I couldn’t even remember where I left off, so I had to re-read the instructions, all the while wondering what evil thing possessed me to get me started on this! Turns out, it’s a dog’s breakfast. A whole baggie of triangle-shaped pieces is missing. I don’t have enough fabric left to cut them again. Aaaaaah! I will tear through here like the tornado that hit Joplin until I find that baggie – if it’s the last thing I do!

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