Friday, June 10, 2011

Did anybody miss me?

It's been about a week since I've been here, posting. It's not that I've nothing to say (is there actually any way to shut me up?!?) -- it's that I've nothing NEW to say. I'm back to my usual routine: gardening in the early hours, quilting when the sun gets too hot.

Since the stinkpot-of-a-Spring we had, and then my month-long siege of illness, I felt I had to do whatever it takes to get some semblance of a garden going out there once the rains stopped. Of course, that near-90 degree heat tried its best to do me in over the last few days, but I'm persistent. They say only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun. I do have a substantial bit of English blood in me, but I rather think it's the gardening gene that causes people to do crazy things under the most adverse conditions.

After setting out many, many languishing plantlings from the cold frames (which should more aptly be called "plant-baking ovens" lately), I made my way back inside, rustled up some bean seeds and went back out. Now if I just get some squash and cukes in soon, I'll be content. Or maybe I'll still plant a few other things. (Keep in mind, "few" is a relative term. One man's "few" is another man's "slew.")

I did eventually retreat to the indoors when I was certain even one more minute would be my certain demise. And I quilted. Here's a few shots of Natalie H's quilt:

It's for a young friend of hers. Here's a peek at the back, where the quilting shows up better:

I also got a couple of others done this week, and another is loaded on the machine and ready to go first thing Monday morning. Pics to come after the weekend is over.

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  1. "One man's "few" is another man's "slew." "
    HA! I do like this saying. How very true of you. ;)