Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I've got all I can handle ...

... but if you're looking for a pet, here's something you can try. More than 320,000 pets are waiting for homes on http://www.petfinder.com/.

But please, PLEASE ... if you get a pet and later decide you don't want/can't keep it, DON'T drop it off in front of my barn. So many people have already done that, we're on overload with cats.

Why do people do that?!? Do they really think cats are all so independent they'll live on mice they catch in someone else's barn? In our experience, it doesn't really work that way. Be kind, and be responsible.

Drop-off cats are bad enough, but more than once we've found that someone left a pregnant dog here. Once it was a Dalmatian who had six puppies. We were able to find homes for all of them. Another time, a sweet mutt was left, obviously ready to pop at any moment. We planned to take her to the animal shelter the next day, but she had other plans. She deposited THIRTEEN puppies by morning. We kept them all here for six weeks, feeding and caring for them. We managed to find homes for all but four. I really felt bad about having to take them to the shelter, but it had to be done. The worst time had to be when my husband discovered someone had put a litter of pups into a feed bad and dumped them along the road here. At least when the mother is with them, she takes care of the nursing part. If you know the culprit who did that, please don't tell me. I am not sure I would be kind to that person, putting it mildly.

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