Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My half of the bargain ...

Bend, Stretch, Lift, Walk. Sound like a day at the gym? Nope.

DH cuts it, dumps it here. My job is to carry it and stack it in a neat pile by the shed. I keep reminding myself that it's a great opportunity for healthy exercise. This is GOOD for me. Yep ... just gotta keep my eye on the goal of physical fitness, and this pile will look better and better every time I look out the door. Problem is, as fast as I stack one pile, he makes another. This will go on until there's enough wood for the winter, plus a little extra for insurance against one of those early spring blizzards that come every couple of years.

Here are the tomatillos grabbed the other day before the frost (they're not nearly as large as they were last year, because of this summer's drought, but this will be plenty):

Those little orange things are a few Sungold tomatoes -- the last of them. I'm going to try saving the seeds and see if they'll grow into something useful next year. They may revert to something entirely different, but I've got room enough for a few experiments in my garden. And today, I'm going to pair some of the tomatillos up with tomatoes, onions and herbs for home-made salsa. Whatever is left after that, I'll put into a paper bag in the fridge -- they last a long time that way. Last year I made tomatillo soup. Can's say it was a fav, but it was edible. I need to go on a hunt for more ideas. Got any?

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