Friday, October 22, 2010

it's NOT me ...

I went on a baking binge this morning. I made some bread and rolls, and decided that I might just as well make a few pies for the weekend while the oven is hot. I'm all about multi-tasking. (That's also why I'm trying to boil burnt raisins out of the pot I use to make oatmeal every morning ... but that's another story.)

I used the same ingredients, measured with the same tools four times, and each time the pie crust required a different amount of water to make it the right consistency for rolling out. Now I'm CERTAIN it's the flour, and NOT me! I've suspected as much for years, and today I shall consider it proof positive. Flour is just totally as unpredictable as sock yarn. There you have it!

Speaking of sock yarn ...

... lookie here, at what I received as a gift from a friend who knows me well. Seven skeins of wonderfully soft and pretty wool -- enough to make new socks for every day of the week! Everyone should have a friend like mine.

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