Thursday, October 14, 2010

Heavy Rains Looming ...

In anticipation of the heavy rain predicted, we brought the sheep back down from the upper pasture yesterday so they'll have better protection from the weather.

They were ready. They followed right along when called, much to Tuck's disappointment. He LIKES having to chase them.

The foliage is much more brilliant in real life than it shows in this photo. I should have waited until the sun was up more, to light them up in their full regalia. After today though, the deluge will probably have doused the flame, leaving only the bare bones of the trees against a greying sky, the leaves a pile of mulch lying at their feet.

I went to quilt club last night. Here is an example of how two quilts made from the same pattern using different fabrics can come out so unlike each other (Barb B's on the left, Peg K's on the right):

And that's Carla in the middle of it all, per usual. (tee-hee)

Tracey wondered aloud if she might have somehow gotten different directions than everyone else, because her quilt didn't look anything like either of these! We all had a good chuckle over that. (She'll be fine. She hadn't got to the part where you slice and dice the blocks and re-arrange them yet.)

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