Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Still no camera.

So sorry -- no pictures to show. I still cannot find that stupid camera! I went online to purchase another, put it into the shopping cart and just before I hit the "submit order" button, I thought I'd take another look around. I figure that the very minute I buy a new one, the stinking thing will turn up -- probably right under my nose. I've given it a whole day to show up, but alak! and alas! No go. If I find it after I buy another, you'll hear me scream from here. (I'm such a tightwad -- hate spending money to replace stuff I KNOW I already own.)

Do scary noises in the night give you the creeps? The other night I went to bed overtired, which sometimes causes me to make awful noises in my sleep. DH said when he got out of the shower (I was in bed, sleeping), I was making such a horrible noise he was afraid to come in the room, for fear my head would be spinning around like something from The Exorcist. Well, at least I wasn't SNORING.

Speaking of snoring ... a little while back, we were talking with a friend of ours about snoring. He claims that taking garlic capsules will lower blood pressure and stop a person from snoring. The next time we saw him, he gave us a gigantic bottle of the little gems. We've both been taking them. Several times since, I've been asked if they've helped cure DH's snoring. I guess not. The other night, he fell asleep on the couch and making quite a racket.

I managed to take a flying trip to the quilt show in Lancaster. I saw lots of nifty things there and came home with a head full of ideas of what else I can add to my TO DO list. I didn't buy a lot of fabric, but found a couple of gadgets I thought I cannot live without any longer. I even resisted the temptation to purchase more rulers to add to my pile, unless you count a little plastic template that will help me make a Dresden Plate quilt from a pile of five-inch squares. I am eager to start on it, but have a feeling it will be one of those projects that begins with great enthusiasm that rapidly fades after about two blocks are completed. Nag me, will ya? Keep me on task here.

Okay ... gonna go rummage around some more in search of the run-away camera. If I don't find it before bedtime tonight, I'm buying the new one.

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