Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Flatten My Ass!?!

A logger was here, cutting some timber the other day. He brought the logs out thru a sheep pasture and left them at the top of the field, near the road for later collection. When I went out to walk the dog, he was trying to steady the logs and said he was afraid they might otherwise roll down the hill. He said he didn’t want them to roll over my critters. (Thank you very much.) He said, “You know how sheep are, right? If a log rolls and squashes one of them, the rest will all come running so they can get squashed, too. Then you’d have a mess of squashed sheep and one flat ass.” (No … he wasn’t really being rude, just cracking a joke – my donkey hangs out with the sheep.) It was pretty amusing to me, but HE thought he was hilarious. He just howled.
I seem to have misplaced my camera (yes, again.), so I haven’t been posting any photos. I realized today, tho, that I have a few stored on the computer from a week or so ago that I can share.

Peg's purple stars:

                                              Nancy's sampler --

Penny's lavender 9-patch:
Cathie's garden:
Inspiring, all.

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