Thursday, December 27, 2012

"Get a refund!"

All customer Xmas quilts were done and outta here on time, I'm happy to say. That left time for the last minute rush of quilters who needed to come and finish their projects here for their big day.

Cathy got three wallhangings finished. I don't envy the marathon of binding she'll have!

Here's Dave, finishing up two for Rose.

I am proud of him for using great restraint when it came to choosing thread. Rose is more of a "let it blend in" kind of gal, while Dave, if given a choice, would pick high contrast -- or maybe even the glittery gold! I suggested he piece a quilt for himself so that he can jazz it up any way he'd like. We'll see it that happens!

Holly came with a heap of quilts to get done, and brought a helper for pinning.

The Fusion machine she likes to work with requires quite a reach. No problem for this guy -- he's very tall, AND very accommodating to Holly. They knocked three off their list that day, but I'm afraid it was a bit much for Rich:

I picked up the grands on Friday. The load of snow gear fit nicely into the van. Too bad we're dealing with a round of colds -- we got plenty of snow yesterday, and more is coming today. We spent much of our time dealing with sniffles, sneezes, fever and other unpleasant stuff -- and playing board games.

Playing Monopoly with kids who range in age from 6 to 16 is a hoot! One (who shall remain unnamed) is a complete miser. The child refused to trade, sell, or otherwise dispose of any of the properties gathered, making it nigh unto impossible for the game to proceed in the usual manner. As if Monopoly isn't long enough to begin with! The youngest tired of the game, even though she was raking in the most $$$ due to the fact that she held the railroads and everyone else landed on them repeatedly. PaPa couldn't coax her to make a deal for real estate. Her sister knew how to get through to her. She offered her $100 and a cookie! She snapped up that deal in a heartbeat. The child loves her cookies!

I got a tip from a newsletter recently that there's a new, fun family game out. So I sent for it and we were all anxious to give it a try. It's called "For Sale," and involves buying and selling real estate. Problem is, the instructions are ridiculously lacking. We couldn't figure out how the game is supposed to be played by reading the rules, so had to make up our own. Needless to say, it was not a big hit with this family. The oldest commented that he hoped I hadn't spend much on that stupid game (implying the huge waste of money if I had). I told him that, sadly, I DID spend quite a bit for it. The youngest piped up, "Get a refund!:

Oh, hah-ha-ha ... these kids just crack me up sometimes! Makes it all worth dealing with the hacking, sneezing, nose running and everything else going on this week.

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