Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Herding Turtles In the Rain ...

"Herding Turtles" ... saw that on someone else's blog and thought it was the perfect phrase to describe what it's like to get our bull to move his butt from one place to another. I call him Slo-Mo, and for good reason. He acts like he doesn't have the gumption to get out of his own way. He cannot even be enticed to pick up the pace with grain, like most of our other critters. This morning it was pouring rain, and the dog and I had to go push him along across a field so he could join the other cattle back at the barn and out of the rain. We got drenched. (Why do I care if HE gets soaked?!? Certainly, the concern is not mutual.) I was tempted to slap him in the @ss with a stick to prod him, but we ARE talking about a bull here -- and he has pointy horns. I dared not tempt fate.

Peggy came and quilted a limey piece for someone in her family. We both thought it looked pretty clever when she got done.

I worked on Sue P's two quilts -- a wallhanging and a larger one to match:

Wanna see that up closer?

Tonight, I started another but decided I'd finish it in the morning. I'll post a picture when it's finished. Just don't hold your breath ... it's wood stacking season here, and DH and I are apparently in some kind of competition to see who can keep it up the longest/fastest. (He cuts and dumps it in a heap, I try to stack it before he can get back with another load.) So why am I not skinny as a rail? It's unfair. I'll sue!

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