Friday, April 23, 2010

How about now?

Didn't think that last post looked much like pie? How about now?

Even tho the crust looks burnt in the photo, in real life it isn't. Did I hear someone say they don't like rhubarb pie? When my guys were teens, they didn't like rhubarb, either -- so I dressed it up a bit. I mixed it with apples and walnuts, told them it was R.A.W. pie, and it became a huge favorite in our house. (Not sure which was their favorite part: the pie itself, or telling their friends they like RAW pie. At any rate, try it -- it's yummy. (And yes, it's in a foil pan. It's a good gardening day here -- no time to wash dishes.)

More Quilts 4 Kids done. (Well, almost. One still needs its binding. That should be done this evening.)

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