Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Another day, another quilt ...

While Rose and Dave M were here to quilt a gift for someone in their family (no photo because my camera went missing that day), I managed to finish up a few things.

On the right is the blue Hunter Star that's been waiting, and waiting ... and waiting some more. Now the piecing is finished and it's ready to go on the machine for quilting. On the left is the '30s Dresden Plate I picked up for a few bucks -- got that quilted, but not without several issues presenting themselves.

First of all, not one block is the same size as another. They vary by as much as an inch! That made it fun to try to decide how I'd quilt it. I didn't really want to do an overall pattern, but looking back, that might have been a good idea, given the screwy way this one was constructed. The other issue was that the bottom edge of the quilt was really messed up. One side is a good three inches shorter than the other. A little fudging was required to finish it up. Look at that bottom edge in this photo:

It sort of looked like maybe there was more to this quilt top at one point, and that someone may have cut part of it away to use for another purpose. Oh well, it is quilted. The whole time I worked on it, I just kept thinking that whoever pieced it many years ago might be glad to know it was rescued from oblivion. It'll serve to cover a grandchild while they curl up on the couch, or sit on the porch to watch fireworks. The Fourth of July can be really chilly up here in the hills.

Dave was back to do another quilt today, but I accomplished precious little besides paperwork. Blykk. Lo, and behold! The camera was discovered hiding in a tote bag right after he left with his day's work.

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  1. The Dresden looks beautiful Jude -- it's on my bucket list of quilts and I even have all the fabric !!

    Thanks for sharing.....