Friday, November 25, 2011

anything look familiar here?

Not washed & blocked yet, and loose ends inside need to be dealt with. Still don't recognize anything? Here's a hint:

Yep ... wool from my sheep, now socks. I have a ton (literally) of wool spun into yarn. I decided yesterday to try it out. With a little practice, it is destined to become my favorite. The dark wool seems to be a bit finer than the white, so I'll need to figure out how they work together the best way possible. My goal is to make sweaters for everyone in my family from our home-grown wool. But I'm already old, so I'm not sure how that will work out.

Should I start with the smallest size, figuring that working from the smallest up will yield the highest number of finished products in shortest amount of time? Or should I work from the largest down, figuring they can be passed down as people grow into them? That might be the best plan. Then everyone can take a turn wearing the sweater, pass it along to the next in line, saying "Your turn to pretend you like hand-knit wool sweaters."

Maybe I should just make one for myself and see if anyone asks for their own. Yeah. That's the ticket!

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  1. Cool! I think that last idea is the way to go. My grandmother always knitted us 100% wool sweaters. We loved them, but they made me itchy - I always had to have a collar between me and the sweater neck.

    I have been felting wool sweaters from the thrift store to make mittens like Gail had at the last guild meeting. Some shrank right up and others are determined not to budge. I'm suspecting they were treated with something to reduce shrinking.