Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What? Say that again ...

Long ago and far away, there was a little boy who liked to talk on the telephone but didn't always get a good grip on the receiver. It would slip away from his ear, and he'd miss a part of the conversation. He'd then say, "What? What did you say? Say that again to me?"

That's what I felt like saying the other night when a commercial for some kind of medicine came on during the nightly news I was sorta watching (albeit half-heartedly, while paying more atention to my knitting). Did you ever notice that at that hour, most commercials are aimed at the older crowd? AARP, laxatives, prescription medications you should run and ask your doctor to prescribe for you, etc., etc. Often, they'll run at warp speed through a list of side effects for these wonder drugs at the end of the commercial. During one, I heard them say something like, "ask your doctor if it is safe for you to take this ... if you ... live in an area where certain fungal blahblahblah is prevalent ..."

What? What did you say? Say that again to me? WHAT fungal (something)? And WHERE is it prevalent? Are they talking about North America? What part? HOW prevalent IS it?!? Who knows this stuff??? Am I supposed to be aware? Should I worry? Why didn't they just say, "don't use this product if you live on the 100-block of Main Street in ___ City" -- or something? Why are they so vague? For crying. Out. Loud. Off with their heads! (DH's new favorite cry when anyone annoys him.)

Cathy B was here Monday. She got two quilts done and expects to put them in her guild's show that will hang the whole month of November. This large twin-sized one, believe it or not, was pieced by her 8-and-a-half year old granddaughter! She did all but the outer borders by herself, Cathy tells us.

And this is Cathy's queen-sized:

Nice work, Cathy! I'll plan to visit the Biennial Exhibition at Steele Memorial Library, 101 E Church St. Elmira, NY to see it and the other quilts there.


  1. Let me know when you are going, I'll go with you!

  2. My favorite ads are for Lamisil which takes care of toe fungus. The side effects are WAY worse than the actual toe jam... Sign me up!