Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mommas, don't let your babies ...

... grow up to be Cowboys!

But they never said anything about granddaughters becoming Cowgirls, did they?

My grands all came for a visit recently, and during that spell, we headed out to the fair in the next county over. The big draw for ME was that a gal had entered a quilt there that I had done for her.

I was as tickled as she was that it garnered her a blue ribbon. Woo-hoo, Sue! I just love the colors she used in this DWR quilt.

The kids spent hours and hours on the rides. (Ugh! I cannot believe the rides the boys went on ... they sure don't take after me! I get nauseous just watching them.) In the evening we drifted over to catch the rodeo, after grabbing a supper comprised of fair food.

(double-click photo to enlarge) The photo is blurry because I get woozy up high in the bleachers, and couldn't stand still enough no matter how many times I tried to snap a good shot.

That's an 8-year-old girl stunting with that pony, and the guy is riding a HUGE bull like a horse. We were all impressed with their tricks. They topped it off by riding up that ramp on their mounts -- to the top of that big rig, stood on top of the animals and waved their hats to the crowd.

The youngest granddaughter lost her shoes through the bleachers. There was some kind of "roof" between us and the ground. We couldn't retrieve the shoes from above or below. She had to be carried the rest of the evening, and that was a good reason to call it a day. We all had a good time.

My granddaughter (who is already horse-crazy) came home with her head full of ideas of what she's going to do "someday." She spent the rest of the week conning PaPa into letting her ride her trusty steed, Jesse, pretending all sorts of things. He is a good old horse, and seems to love her as much as she does him.

It was a great time having all the kids here, but per usual, I was pooped by the end of all that fun. Summer's about over ... didn't it go fast? We won't see much of them once the kids head back to school. I hate when school starts!

Quilting will jump into high gear now that Fall is fast approaching. And the knitting of warm, woolly socks ... I've already mentioned how I have a thing for socks, right? One can never have too many new socks.

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